Season 2 Coming Soon

Hey everyone,

This is a special announcement episode.

We’ve officially ended the first season and it’s been an incredible learning experience. I not only learned a lot about how to create, produce, and host a show, I’ve also taken a lot from each of our guests.

We covered a lot of ground this season. Through interviews with creators in numerous fields, we explored: the power of sharing our truth through our art and channeling our scars into our creations; the sacrifices we make as artists, and why they’re worth it; how we can define success for ourselves; and the importance of allowing ourselves to fail, to name just a few key takeaways.

This first season has been incredibly rewarding for me. I’ve received some wonderful feedback from listeners and have been fortunate to meet some inspiring, talented people through this experience.

Though I’ve already gotten a head start on season 2 and have some interviews completed and scheduled, I’d love to know what you think of the show and how I can best meet your needs going forward. What do you all like so far? What do you want more of? Less of? What are you struggling with on your creative journey?

I’ve received a lot of emails and feedback over this first season from people who want more on getting past blocks, dealing with difficult feelings, and tackling motivation. What else would you like me to explore in the next season?

You can email me at, or you can share your thoughts in a review on iTunes. This not only enables you to offer your suggestions, it also helps the show reach a wider audience.

Thanks for listening! Looking forward to next season!

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